After losing my son to a genetic disorder, I was so overcome by grief and my newfound perspective on life that I had a hard time blogging about anything remodel related. My Colonial ReMODel was put on hold, and I stopped posting all-together. Over time, I realized that, as carnal/temporal as remodeling a house may be, it was actually my way of coping and getting my mind off of the heaviness of Cruz’s absence. Remodel Therapy, is what I call it. Now that I’ve gotten somewhat used to my new life without Cruz, I’ve learned how to better manage the waves of depression and sadness that can come crashing in out of nowhere, by writing about them in a book I’m working on called, Love Hurts | Love Heals.

I’ve also become actively involved in raising awareness for children, like Cruz, who represent a special demographic of people, THE RARE. My goal is to help make sure that what happened to Cruz will never happen again, and to help other moms along the way by sharing the stories of their RARE babes as well. ❤

Cruz’s Story

What is OTC Deficiency?

Raising Awareness

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