Spice It Up!

It’s the little things…

Like sorting tangled utensils, cleaning out the crumbs, and establishing some sense of organization in those cluttered kitchen drawers that makes one feel accomplished.

I grew tired of feasting my eyes on this mess, so with my spring cleaning must-haves in hand (malted eggs & Method spray) I got to work!

Messy Drawer


Step 1: CLEAN IT UP!

Spring Cleaning


Drawer Liners

Give your drawers a cheap facelift by lining them with contact paper!

Contact Paper

I chose scissors to make my seam along the edges, because the box-cutter kept tearing the plastic-like contact paper. Applying Contact Paper

Contact Paper

Once I had created this seam, it was SUPER easy to cut!
Contact Paper

Cutting Contact Paper

Start the application by removing only  2 – 3 inches of backing, then stick the contact paper to the FRONT end of the drawer. (This way, if there are any alignment issues they will be in the back of your drawer). Applying Contact Paper

Slowly pull away the backing, fixing lumps/creases as you go…Applying Contact PaperApplying Contact Paper

Once the backing is fully removed, use a ruler or spatula to smooth out any bubbles.Smoothing Contact Paper

Drawer Liners

This scrub-brush worked great for those little air pockets that the spatula missed!Drawer Liners

A final go-over with the scissors helped with any unclean edges…Applying Contact Paper

Step 3: SPICE IT UP!

Container Store Spice Rack

with a Container Store spice rack

Wash n' Dry

Wash n’ Dry

Fun with Funnels

Fun with Funnels

Put a Label on it

Put a Label on it

I love how many labels came with this Container Store spice rack! The only one that was missing was a specialty Asian pepper we bought from Uwajimaya!

Container Store Spice Jars

Now we’re ready to put the drawers back in!

Spice Drawer

Completed Spice Drawer


But the organization spree doesn’t stop here……… I thought my other drawers needed some “spice” as well! (Please Click on Photos)

Step 4: KEEP IT UP! (<note to self)

A few more projects to cross off my spring cleaning “to-do” list, hundreds to go….  So tell me how all of YOU are doing on your seasonal chores? Good, bad, UGLY!??

Goodnight! I hope your Wednesday was full of sugar, spice, and everything nice!