Our Newlywed Condo

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We bought our condo the very 1st year we were married, in fact, within the 1st couple of months. At the time, it was what we were advised to do; the housing market was ridiculously soaring in ’06, and it was considered unwise to just “dump your money down the renter’s drain”, so we found ourselves “jumping on the mortgage train”! Hehe. We loved the Streets of Tanasbourne location (a newly developed part of town near to where we both grew up), and there was a cute little neighborhood going in with townhouses, condos, and first-time homes. The townhouses were tri-level and rather narrow, the condos were bi-level but much wider, and the actual homes were just plain out of our price range. Back then, square footage was worth so much that we could barely afford anything larger than 1,000 SQFT… so we went with the mid-sized condos… which we soon found out were extremely high in demand, and of course the model I chose was one of only two to be built! How could I settle for less (single story, low ceilings, limited natural light, sharing walls with neighbors on all sides including up), after seeing the beautiful 2nd story option on a CORNER lot, with 10 ft ceilings, TALL windows, and a view overlooking the surrounding city!? Not to mention the floor-plan was laid out in such a way that made it seem SO much bigger than the others!

The lots were gonna sell FAST at the grand opening, on a first-come-first-serve kind of arrangement. So my man showed up early the day before and camped out alllllll night in a long line of people, all of which were wanting certain units with specific floor plans! Jared knew the deal was off for me if I didn’t get THAT condo, so he was a diehard. Side note: He is definitely the “pursue & conquer” type! (My father-in-law even showed up for a shift to keep him from falling asleep!) Others arrived throughout the night to campout for the same unit and left upon inquiry, realizing that my hubs was first and they were too late by just that much. Sad for them, great for me! (Not sure why they didn’t stay though, because they really had no way of knowing if the seller was going to accept our offer or not!?) < That’s neither here nor there. In the end, all his determination paid off, and we claimed the one we wanted! (“Far & Away” moment, anyone?) This will forever be one of our fondest memories about the condo. Granted, he didn’t have to literally race to drive a stake into the ground like Tom Cruise during the climax of that movie… although that would’ve been SO cool and dramatic:) “GO GET IT, BABYYYY!” This is one of those, “When we were first starting out” kind of stories to tell our poor, bored-to-death children someday!

So that’s the scoop on how we got our first place:) We lived there a little over 5 years, including a few months after purchasing our new “mansion”, because some of the initial renno projects made moving out impossible, and until our condo FINALLY sold, why not take advantage of having two houses? (Especially with a 6 month old crawling about!)

Over those 5+ years I decorated and redecorated that place, then decorated some more, so I definitely had a hard time leaving all the first-time-home-owner-memories behind. I’m the sentimental type to the extreme… the person who saves her movie ticket stubs to put them in her scrapbook! Yikes. One thing I WAS happy to leave however, was the tight, not-so-kid-friendly space, and the inability to REALLY design things how I wanted them. Every time I almost started a big project or went forward with a brilliant idea, it stopped with, “I should wait till we’re in our permanent home.” I.E. > redoing the cabinets, upgrading the floors, painting our moulding the Street-of-Dreams-putty color… things like that — OR — what about that one time, on my 25th b-day, when Jared bought me a much-wanted roll of flocked foil Moroccan print wallpaper – it was supposed to go in the master bath, but I never hung it. Things like this drive him crrrrrrazy! His logic: “Who cares, you can just buy something new for our next house!” My logic: “Uh, I’m so picky that the likelihood of me finding another paper that I love as much as this one is slim-to-none… and I don’t wanna spend the money twice!” {{And it’s a good thing I saved it, PS, because the boutique in NY no longer sells their items online!}}

Sidenote: There IS a small problem with ^this^ logic: Anyone who’s into decor and design-fashion knows that styles and patterns go from cutting-edge/new-to-the-scene, to popular/commonplace, then overused, and finally they arrive at cliché/unoriginal… “Ugh, that pattern is SO played-out“. (My once-uncommon Moroccan print is definitely played-out!) Lucky for me, I choose patterns and pieces according to how much I like them, not according to what Domino thinks of it… as we ALL should. But it is frustrating when you’re diligently saving up to buy something that NO ONE (you know of) has, and by the time you get around to buying/using that item there are already 100’s like it circulating your small social sphere, and 1000’s infiltrating social media! Moral of the mini-story: Don’t try to be original, try to be yourself. And simultaneously, try to figure out what “yourself” is, because it’s probably NOT exactly like your BFF’s – although – I guess it may be true for some of those rare kindred-spirits out there;) It simply cannot be possible that you and ALL your surrounding friends could want the exact same sofa as much or equal to one another. If this were true, then there’s really no need for so many fabulous designers, because apparently everyone would be satisfied with shopping at the same place! Ugh:[   I.WOULD.HATE.THAT.

Stupid details aside, the point is, I’m SO glad I didn’t invest the time and money into those things just to leave them behind. I always knew the condo was temporary, and I knew what sort of things would increase/decrease the home value, so I stayed away from anything that would have no impact on its future value, and any large purchases I wouldn’t be able to take with me someday.

Another rant, another story, another post, maybe this blog thing is less daunting than I thought?

And now for a grand tour: Welcome to the Newlywed Condo!

{{Click to Enlarge}}

Small spaces call for drastic measures… and that means making a nursery look good even when it actually triples as a music studio and office! We converted his closet into non-nursery space, and then I painted nifty curtains (striped like the walls) to camouflage the damage.

If you’re wondering where Ezekiel’s clothes are… Nope, they’re not in the dresser. Besides serving as a changing table and storing diapers/wipes, this dresser was where Jared kept his WHOLE office! Yup, there was a printer in there, more files, pens, stapler, bills, oh and all our MANY DVDs haha! Oh boy, I was READY TO MOVE!!!

^^Ezekiel’s Closet^^

(4 drawers in the hallway: 1. Socks & Onesies, 2. PJs & Sleep Sacks, 3. Pants & Shorts, 4. Shoes… the rest got hung up. His toy bin is in there, along with my Medela breast pump, and anything else like hats, ties, etc I threw in a basket! IT WAS CRAMPED, TO SAY THE LEAST! Good memories though:)

My favorite place in the house………..

…………was the master suite! Aaaahhh! I look at it and get jealous of how nice it was because my room now is just in shambles! For a while our bedroom was the one place I neglected in the condo because, lets face it, nobody really ever sees it besides you and your mate. But then I read something in a book (Intimacy Ignited) that changed my perspective: The marriage bedroom should be an oasis, a garden, a retreat, a place that you both feel at ease. Not a place that collects all the kid’s toys and dirty laundry! If your room makes you feel anxious, it will affect more than just your sleep… ehhemm… if you know what I mean!?** Once we invested a little bit of time, money, and love into this room, it made all the difference! TIME TO APPLY THIS TO THE TRAIN WRECK I SLEEP IN NOW!

Thanks for coming over everyone;)

Click here to read on how it SOLD: Closure

For tips on how to do the wall stenciling in the entryway, visit my houseworkTIPS page!


5 thoughts on “Our Newlywed Condo

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  3. These pics do not do your condo justice! I feel like it is much more amazing in person! And didn’t I break one of those artichoke candle holders? LOL! OOPS!

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