They Grow Up When We’re Not Looking!

I feel like I’ve done EVERYTHING to cherish EVERY moment with Valor – because I understand how fragile and without-guarantee life is – yet somehow this little guy celebrated his half birthday yesterday (Z is already 4 years!) and I have no idea where the time went! I sometimes wish kids could stay small forever, but then again I’m looking forward to their future, full of so much anticipation and excitement! I think I just love and enjoy ALL the stages of parenthood… although, the current stage Valor is in might be my favorite with him yet! He’s such a ham, and I can’t seem to reach my fill of smooches and munches!


He went from just laying next to his #ValorGrowthChart lightbox, to suddenly ^THIS^! What a little rascal!!!

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He really is the happiest, easiest baby!

(I think he knows Mama needed a little TUB OF JOY!)



  • all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth and he got them (well, the bottom ones anyway)!
  • Jimmy Fallon was right, Valor’s first word is “Dadadadadadadadadadada……….”
  • running into the kids’ table, rolling over my toes – Valor’s favorite event of the day is cruising in his Combi Car (aka his walker)
  • if his frustration and anger don’t get the best of him he may be crawling soon, but for now I guess we’ll settle for the pushup-scoot-scream-rollover routine. #temperTEMPER!
  • got milk? Valor can’t get enough of his booby milk and oatmeal, but has yet to acquire a taste for much else
  • this chubba is pushing 20lbs and wearing 18+ mo clothing…  so I guess we don’t need to worry much about his noted disinterest in food quite yet!
  • time to lower the crib… this feisty explorer has decided to start climbing his way through life, and he’s strong enough to do pretty much anything he sets his mind to
  • mommy is feeling like a new person, because teething-pain has finally subsided and V is back to napping and sleeping through the night again… WHICH IS WHY I’M BACK HERE BLOGGING!

I might be crazy but I’m already planning his 1st birthday! I figure time will fly by anyways so I better get a head-start, plus I think it’s therapeutic for me to put thought into things like CELEBRATIONS, especially when Cruz’s 2nd Deathiversary is coming up exactly one week from today. (Oh how I miss my little fighter boy!) I don’t feel bad for going a little over the top for Valor’s 1/2 birthday (do people usually blog about half birthdays?) and I won’t feel bad for throwing Valor an insanely BIG first birthday because I think  e v e r y  year our children are alive on this earth we should throw a huge party. I used to think birthdays seemed selfish – because it’s like the one day a year where our kids get bit by the it’s-my-party-and-I’ll-cry-if-I-want-to bug, and they think it’s ok to suddenly act spoiled rotten – but now it’s simply a day where my heart is rejoicing, and I want others to come and rejoice with me “prodigal style” 😉 Luke 15:22-25

What are your thoughts, Mamas? Is it just me or are we gonna look back one day and wonder where those 18 years went with our college-bound BABY wishing we were still corralling our never-ending-question-asking kindergartener!? These are the days… oh yes, THESE ARE THE DAYS.


always on the go...

always on the go…


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fashion + fitness + function = freaking amazing

I am SO excited to be teaming up with @albionfit!

You know that feeling when you wanna look cute, but comfort just sounds wayyyyyyy more appealing? Well that’s ME pretty much every day now that I have a new baby to love! I find myself without makeup on and running errands in whatever is easiest to throw on reallllll quick, but it’s always super awkward when I bump into someone I know or someone who follows me on Instagram WHILE LOOKING LIKE A TRAIN WRECK. But thanks to Albion, the debate (between choosing to go casual-comfy or to actually put some effort into my outfit for once) is over.

Everywhere I go I get compliments on my items from Albion! I’ve lost count on how many people have come up to me while I’m wearing my Slate Antigua Leggings to ask, “OK, where did you get those amazing leggings???” Or, when I wear my Go Long Crew, everyone wants to know where I found a basic long-sleeve tee that has thumbholes (because is there anyone in this world who doesn’t secretly love the way their hands look in thumbholes?)!  I feel so good about myself whenever I’m wearing anything Albion, and I am positive you will too.
I love the fit, the feel, the fabric that won’t fade, and the fashion statement that is @albionfit. I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown tired of buying $30 yoga pants every couple of months because they’ve already developed holes along the inner thigh, or because they look super old and ratty after just one wash, or they literally attract every little bit of hair/lint/fuzz because they’re a static-cling-nightmare! #NOthankyou
I’m so ^happy^ to have found this company – mostly because of their awesome floral leggings that have all the right flowers in all the right places (if you know what I mean) – but also because I kind of adore their backstory. They’re a husband/wife team who fell in love at the office (Jim & Pam style), and they share a mile of memories together at an incredible place called Albion Basin (which may have the most beautiful wild flowers EVER),  and the two of them decided they wanted to share Albion Basin with the world. I think it’s worth noting when a couple not only shares the same dream, but when they are able to work together in order to see that dream unfold.
Wildflowers below Devil's Castle

Albion Basin


Here are the links to buy the items featured in my Albion shoot:

the Antigua Extend Leggings (slate)  I’m wearing a medium

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Let’s go! It’s time to UP our legging game, girls!