I’ll be. . . home for Christmas?

If only in my dreams! I spent all year in anticipation of the coming holidays…. dreaming of turkey dinners (complete with Grammy’s signature stuffing), and an overly decorated house full of festive cheer and toes warming by an open fire. You know, just a typical girl, guilty of romanticizing the H-E-double-hockeysticks out of something so that nothing less can satisfy. I told myself – and pretty much everyone else – that I would GO ALL OUT trying to make up for last year, but then reality hit me over the head like a lead pipe.

WHO REPLACES THE PLUMBING AND MOVES IN WITH THEIR PARENTS OVER THE HOLIDAYS!? Oh wait… THAT’S US! As if spending last year’s Thanksgiving/Christmas in the hospital wasn’t reason enough to put it off and stay home, we thought it would be a good idea to have another season of abnormal. To be fair, the unfortunate situations we’ve found ourselves in over the last several months have not been by choice… they’re more-so forced upon us and we just have to roll with the punches. If you’ve seen the old slapstick comedy “Mouse Hunt” with Christopher Walken, you know what I mean when I say we were one rodent away from losing the entire house in one fell swoop (except for, instead of mice we had RATS, and we didn’t need the help of a gushing hose to collapse the colonial. It would’ve come down allllll on its own, in a heaping a pile of smelly sewage)! But why did this have to happen now? The holidays passed us by like we were standing still, then left us with no place to bang in the New Year. Oh well. It’s getting done, and one day we’ll be happy we did it.

Just to make sure you really, and I mean REALLY, grasp the brutal reality that was our “home for Christmas”, I welcome you on a little tour of my colonial reMODel, in all its guts/glory…


YouTube Vid

Now do you understand why we’re not living at home!? I’m hardly exaggerating when I say the house has been  d e s t r o y e d ! Not only is it dangerous for Ezekiel with all the holes in the walls/floors, but the putrid fumes coming from the pipes can NOT be good for my Jelly Belly Bean either (Don’t worry, I’ve been wearing gloves and gas masks when I come over here to work – it’s always better to be safe than sorry)! By January 13, the water should be running, the tub & toilet should be installed, the holes in the walls will be patched/primed/painted, and the thick layer of demo dust that’s settled on every single surface should be professionally cleaned; meaning we COULD move in with the ability to maintain hygiene and hydration, without the risk of rats finding their way in through open plumbing-passageways. THAT REMINDS ME! I still have to introduce you to Melvin <:3)~

Mel (the rat)

Melvin (the rat)

^^ inside the bathroom walls ^^

Sorry Melvin, I wish our goodbyes could have been more humane… but then again, I won’t miss seeing your red-beady-eyes in my home-sweet-home. I am impressed however, with your admirable abilities to stow away food from the kitchen (Ratatouille, anyone!?), and I hope you enjoyed your stay here at my colonial reMODel while it lasted 😉

MORE #plumbingproject PICS TO HIT THE BLOG SOON!




10 thoughts on “I’ll be. . . home for Christmas?

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  2. You’re first vlog!!! You did so well! I didn’t get dizzy at all so you are probably the only lucky one there 🙂 Can’t believe all you guys have going on there. What a story to tell when your home is amazingly beautiful and put back together again. And the rats! OMG!! Glad Melvin was given the boot! My phone is done so until I get another one my IG days are very limited too. Well I’m SO glad you finally had time to do this vlog 🙂 I’ll keep harassing you for the next one… Keep em coming!! Praying for you always! Xoxox Anna

  3. Okay, I’m not sure if that was too much information, haha!
    Loved your vlog! You are a natural.
    Praying next year will exceed your expectations!
    Love you!! XOXO

  4. Love your vlog B!!!!! Praying you get back in soon!!!! I had a dream last night after reading it that you wrote a book on a your reMODel with tons of pictures. It was the perfect coffee table book!!! 😍💗💗

  5. 💛Really loved this, Britt! Congrats on your first vlog!
    We love having you guys here but still, can’t wait till you can get back to your home and ENJOY the fruits of your (mostly Jared’s:) labor (blood, sweat, and tears!) I really hope and pray next Christmas will be all you hope it to be and MORE! So much to look forward to in 2015:))
    Thank you for the Nespresso, too!!! We’ve moved up in the (coffee) world, haha!
    LOVE you!

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