Clean Sweep

In my post Make the Most of March, I talked about plans for a clean sweep of the house, the potential of a garage sale, and my overall commitment to having a productive spring. To be honest, after I put my ambitions out there for all to see, I began to question if I’d gotten WAY out in front of myself! BUT –  my absolute frustration with trying to remodel amidst so much clutter and chaos was enough to keep me trudging through the busy spring. I sit here today with a sense of relief and accomplishment… you know… that feeling you get when you take a deeeeep breath and it seems to bring so much more oxygen and refreshment to your brain than ever before!? Yeah, that feeling:)

Have you ever attempted to go through your closet and get rid of old clothes only to end up keeping EVERYTHING? “This is comfy, this will never go out of style, this was expensive, this might be good for some hypothetical event I will never go to”… and it ALL goes back in the closet. #fail

This sort of self-talk sabotages our attempts to purge other things too; mementos, furniture, decor, dishes, appliances, electronics, tools, ANYTHING! “I’ve had this since I was 5, this’ll work until I find what I really want, so n’ so gave this to me, I might take up skiing one day, this is really rare china, this is handy when (never) making omelets, this chair has been handed down for 3 generations, I might actually (want to?) take a picture with this digital camera one day instead of using my convenient smartphone”…  all lies we tell ourselves while wrestling with our inner hoarder.

This time, I put all nostalgic and logical reasoning aside and answered ONE straight-to-the-point question:
“Would I rather have this or the money?”

Being Miss Sentimental, I was surprised at how many things I was willing to let go of when I simply viewed each item as potential for a fatter pocketbook! (If I was a cartoon, one conversation cloud would’ve had an image of the item I was holding, the other cloud a big brown sack with a dollar $ign on the front of it… I found myself mischievously looking up at those moneybags every time!)

“all I see is signs, all I see is dollah signs”

To make sure I was REALLY being honest with myself, I continued to sift through all my belongings 3 and 4 times (over the course of a few months), and with each re-sweep I found at least one thing I decided I could do without. Soon my house began to feel less crowded, and the garage was filled to overflowing! I could have opened my own mini store! My in-laws and immediate family also started using my garage as a dumping grounds for their spring-cleaning outtakes… which I MUCH appreciated because they didn’t even want a profit percentage! Nothing got thrown away (besides old receipts, tax forms and pay stubs)! If it was broken, damaged, missing, it still went in the “sale” pile; Happy Meal toys = sale pile; used Burt’s Bees products (discovered Z’s allergic) = sale pile; anything worth a penny = sale pile! WHY? Because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, plus all that nickel-and-diming really adds up!

Pre-Garage Sale…

What’s crazy is these pictures were taken when the garage was MAYBE 1/2 full!

Then came the hardest part: Making signs, organizing displays, and pricing everything for the sale! My oh my, did that take FOR-EVERRR! The night before opening, I was up till 3AM getting everything prepped; I had advertised on a few different sites and the signs were up… so I had no choice but to stay awake if I was gonna be ready by morning!

Fun DIY sign I made for the front yard!

I was SUPPOSE to open at 9a that Friday, but by 8a I had people waiting at the doors! We opened early, and from there I don’t remember a dead moment till closing at 5! (We discovered our street is the prime location for this sort of thing!) Other than quickly shoving a piece of Hawaiian pizza down my throat, I went the whole day without eating and barely making time to use the bathroom. (FRIDAY’S FINAL TILL: $900!!!) Saturday was slower but still steady, then on Sunday we did a “take all you can fit in a bag for $5” deal! By then we just wanted to get the stuff out of our hair even if it meant we were gonna lose some money. (We had two particular customers who were so ecstatic over the Sunday steals that they have left some forever lasting imprints on our memories, HAHA! #askmyhubby)

I most certainly couldn’t have pulled it off without all my HELP! My mom and brother helped the first day, my dad and husband joined the second day… and my 8 yr old sis ran a lemonade stand out on the sidewalk to lure in the customers! #showmeyourmoneymaker! When all was said and done, we made $1,590 that weekend, plus another $90 (so far) from consigning a large remainder of the clothing – and FINALLY – we ended it all with a pretty sizable Goodwill drop. The end result…

Look at all that room for working on projects!!!

Ezekiel’s world just grew a whole lot bigger!

For more advice on How To Have a Successful Clean Sweep, visit my houseworkTIPS page!

Thanks for reading the Wednesday Weekly!

– B


4 thoughts on “Clean Sweep

  1. I love reading your blog Brittney. I was just going through my closet trying to decide what to keep. Thinking maybe I shouldn’t just store some away incase I might decide to like it later.
    You’ve helped me realize if I never wore it this season chances are I wont wear it when the season comes around again. Out it goes!

  2. You can seriously make any subject fun to read about, Great post! Love the last pic:))

    I so admire your tenacity and amazing eye for detail!

    Love you!

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