Sunday SALE

I previewed this Sunday Sale on Instagram yesterday thinking it would be good advertising, but I didn’t think I would sell every last item before the day was out! The only things left in ^this^ pic from my old condo bedroom is the set of leucite lamps… oh and that little white elephant! Poor guy got left behind😥

Acrylic Lamps (set of 2) $20

Hand Carved White Elephant $8


I do have a few more items that weren’t advertised yesterday…

Black/White Stripe Lamp Shade $7


Vintage Refab Dining Table $375
(includes 2 antique cane chairs)


Seats 8
54″x54″ Square (including leaf)


4 Flatware Drawers
Finished with Faux Crystal Knobs


Custom Rounded Corners

West Elm Capiz Pendant Light $150

Dining Room I could NOT find a better picture from when this pendant was hanging in the condo, so I posted one (below) that used to be on the WE website when they still carried the LONG pendant. Feel free to do a price comparison with their short Capiz by clicking here! I LOVE THIS THING… but our lower ceilings just don’t accommodate  😦

West Elm Capiz Chandelier

West Elm Capiz Pendant

“Find me a new home!”
This beauty deserves to be showcased… not in storage! 

West Elm Capiz Pendant


 Email me or leave a comment to inquire about any of these items!

Happy Sunday!

– B


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