What I've been doing

What I’ve Been Doing lately

Mostly going crazy pulling my hair out while imagining what it’ll be like bringing a newborn home to an environment that’s NOT so baby-friendly! The things that mattered most to me with my first baby were safety, cleanliness, and organization; three things lacking in My Colonial Remodel! I fear once Cruz arrives I could suddenly find myself so preoccupied that I won’t have time to work on ANY housing projects, so the next couple months I’m trying to cram, cram, CRAM!

WIBD #1. Coming Up with a Plan for the Stairwell  

There are still 5 spindles missing from our non-forgiving, wooden staircase, and lately I’ve been having horrible nightmares over it!

1, 2…

…3 (Please don’t call Child Services on me!)

…4, 5! 

This has made for some high stress situations in the morning when trying to get ready! Let’s just say Ezekiel is getting used to being trapped in the bathroom with me on a daily basis because it’s the only way I can guarantee his safety while putting my face on. When he was still crawling we had a gate to keep him from climbing the dangerous steps, and the only time he was ever upstairs was when he was in his crib; now that he’s almost 2, he pretty much goes up and down as he pleases, so long as I have an eye on him! However, once full-time baby Cruz is here, I’ll no longer have the luxury of being able to chaperone my toddler 24/7, so this project needs to be done BEFORE NOVEMBER or else I’m in big trouble.  


Ralph Lauren is my current inspiration for the banister – I was having a hard time making the decision between wrought iron and wood… but then I saw this pic on Made by Girl‘s IG and it was just what I needed to push me over the deciding edge! Of course I chose the more expensive option, but it just screams COLONIAL (don’t you think?), and I’m all about that! In the long run, it’ll be a better investment because even in brand new homes wooden spindles need replaced all the time… and living in a house with 3 boys, I think it’s safe to presume roughhousing will be the culprit behind many broken things around here! In order to have these danger zones fixed before baby comes however, it’s looking like we may have to leave the existing wobbly railing for now and just pick up a few spare spindles from Habitat for Humanity. It may not look as pretty in the meantime, but with a little paint and reinforcement, at least it will be SAFE(r)!

Luckily, Ezekiel has never paid much attention to these dangerous openings – but it only takes once – and somehow I don’t think the next lil’ guy is gonna have his same cautious personality!

WIBD #2. Pricing Out Moulding

The entire upper level is still without casings and baseboards, exposing loose gravel and drywall along the whole perimeter…

Exposed Drywall (“No picking, Zekiel!”)

Dirt (“No digging, Zekiel!”)

For energy costs alone, it would be worth bumping moulding to the tip-top of the list just to eliminate the draft whooshing in around these windows during the cold winter months. #burrrrrrrrrr!

Loose Gravel (“No ‘wocks’, Zekiel!“)

Not only is this a choking hazard, but it also provides the perfect pathway for marching in the whole cast of “A Bug’s Life”… only these ants aren’t quite as cute as Disney’s! Let’s just say, I now know how STINK bugs developed their rank reputation, and my borderline arachnophobia is at an all-time high. #noANIMALshouldhaveEIGHTlegs #getOUTofmyBED! My poor baby Cruz, sleeping in his crib so helpless and dependent, at the mercy of the great outdoors! That thought doesn’t bring an ounce comfort!

Hatched Stink Bug Egg Cluster
I was so grossed out to find these embedded into the side of my couch!

Stink Bug
found this one today in Cruz’s soon-to-be nursery, of course!

We’re in the process of dealing with HORNETS too!

After being realistic about the cost of finishing the whole 2nd level, we decided to finish the hallway and both boy’s rooms, but we’re waiting a little longer on the master, guest room, guest bath, and bonus room:( As much as I can get impatient with operating in such slow stages, I appreciate how my husband does everything he can to allow for certain projects WITHOUT putting a penny on credit. I’m sure I’ll be especially thankful 10-20 years from now, when I have a finished home and ZERO debt! #DIYers4Lyfe

Ezekiel’s moulding is already done… now we’re just waiting on materials for the nursery & hallway!

Special Delivery!

Ezekiel’s Room (before)

Looking better already! 

Precision is everything! Thanks again for your help, Pops!

Pictures of his finished room
soon to come!

WIBD #3. Designing Closet Layouts

The day this house was officially ours, we were here tearing things apart. Pretty much, if we didn’t like it, it was gone. The bedroom closets were one of the first to go because they were poorly designed and cheap quality; definitely not part of the original build otherwise they would’ve been solid oak to match the woodwork, like the linen closet in the hallway.

The most frustrating aspect about having no closets has been the master bedroom... there’s just something about heavy-laden clothing racks, unorganized shoes and overflowing plastic drawers that really takes away from the romantic aesthetic! #clutteredmind

Isn’t it just so relaxing in here!?

It hasn’t been too bad fitting all of Ezekiel’s belongings into his drawer organizers since his clothes are so tiny (not so tiny lately), but I’m not the biggest fan of the multipurpose “chalkboard hanger”…

Ezekiel’s “Dresser”

Dual Function

After looking around and around, these are the closets I’ve chosen for the boys’ bedrooms:

Ikea “Stolmen”

The Stolmen storage system at Ikea has a large variety of combinations to choose from, and after sketching out a few different arrangements, I think I’ve come up with the perfect combo for the boys! If all goes as planned, Ezekiel’s system should be purchased by beginning of October… and I hope and pray to have a closet for Cruz by the beginning of November! After all, he’s scheduled to arrive on the 24th!

The master closet is a whole ‘nother story on a whole ‘nother timeline! (My writing isn’t always the most refined… but I try to be as authentic as possible while sitting on this end of the keyboard, and if I was talking to you in real life, that’s exactly how I would’ve said it!)

Jaime Pressly – Lucky August Issue

I have lofty ideas that I’ll own a beautiful, custom, magazine-worthy closet someday… until then, my rolling wardrobes will just have to do! In the meantime we’ve made some progress on the closet flooring*, so I was able to wheel these bad-boys in there and free up some space in the bedroom! 

Master “Closet”
(*notice the grout is fixed!?)

I’m satisfied for now;)

 There are so many other important projects that need to be done before I could justify starting in on the master closet; the gutted bathroom downstairs, the lack of flooring in the kitchen & family room, the broken countertops, the plumbing issues, it just goes on & on…

For Example:
It looks like we never clean our tub, but even after Kenzi’s Kleaning is done scrubbing it down, it only takes one person showering to bring up all this gunk from the drain! We’ve tried EVERYTHING!

^These^ are all the things I keep juggling in my head and trying to decide WHICH ONE COMES FIRST. When working with a skinny budget, you find yourself feeling like you just don’t know where to start, especially when each and every project is such high priority and high cost! But like anything in life, you have to start somewhere, and I decided the best place to begin was making some extra money to increase the remodel ca$h flow. We’ve GOT to make some of these hypothetical projects a reality, one way or another!

So, what’s a great way to come up with money out of thin air???

WIBD #4.


This is a whole post in and of itself! Read next week and FIND OUT HOW WE CAME UP WITH OVER $1,600 in just 3 days!!!

Signing off late again, so enjoy your Thursday!
– B


6 thoughts on “#wibd

  1. The things we work hard for and wait for are usually the best. This way you are sure of what you want, haha! It may be a slow process but it is beautiful!!! God will grace you, it’s what He does. You are an amazing writer. Love reading them. Inspiring!!

  2. The wrought iron railing is gorgeous but a beast to dust! 🙂 (I remember dusting my grandma’s.)
    You guys are amazing. Great job being so resilient with this huge project!

  3. Wow! Love the wrought iron decision… Can’t wait to see this all unfold. You guys are brave! The fact that you are doing this all on a cash budget is so wise! I admire your amazing tenacity and patience to keep on keeping on and pray blessings on you financially and for continued energy to see it all through… You never cease to amaze!

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