Battle of the Sexes

It was an epic event here at the Strickland household Monday night…
A night full of lighthearted competition and WAY too much grueling anticipation! Annnnnd although the results of the climactic gender reveal were not necessarily what Mom (me) had originally hoped for, I’m already beyond the irrational pregnancy emotions and looking forward to a life of raising BROTHERS!

Before showing you these photos, I want to preface: When I decide to do something, I have this uncontrollable need to overdo it – so even though it was just a small party made of primarily my family, I still went ALL out – DON’T judge! This is the big “coming out” year for GRPs (gender reveal parties), so if you’re thinking about having a GRP, here are some fun ideas for ya!


(I designed this cute little graphic to attach to my evite)

(create an immediate vibe!)

My wall is painted in a flat black, so I decided to go ahead and use it as my score board! The chalk and empty frame turned out to be the perfect touch!

I hung these tissue poofs, each of which only took $1 and 15 minutes to make!
Notice the score at this point in the game – girl’s are WAY out front!

Make em’ choose a side!

This “table” of name tags is actually the box of balloons to be opened at the end of the evening… I’m all about multi-purposing!

I wore a BOY pin, Dad wore GIRL…. just so we were on opposite teams! (Typical!)

Dessert Table
I chose 7pm so I could get away with a simple cake n’ coffee bar.
Instead of the expected blue n’ pink, I went with a black and white theme (surprise, surprise!)

I took the leaf of my table out and rearranged the dining room to allow a throughway.
Of course then we had to raise the chandelier so it wasn’t hanging down in the middle of traffic

These giant letters were at Joann’s Fabric for $4.99 ea, plus I used my coupons and saved 40%!
I turned these into chalkboards as well

HER-shey’s Candies

hers -HE-y’s Candies

Betting Pool
For those who felt confident in their vote! (Winner takes all!)

Angel Food Cake vs. Devil’s Food Cake!

The Ying and the Yang

The pics from the ultrasound earlier that day hung on the wall opposite the dessert table… minus the gender photos obviously!

We played an intense game of BATTLE OF THE SEXES! Seemed appropriate for the evening!
Please ignore the messy entertainment center… it’s a “work in progress”!

Immediately following the board game we headed out to the front yard for the BIG MOMENT! No one knew what it was going to be… not even Jared and I… despite my dad’s ongoing post-reveal joke, “You mean, not even YOU guys knew what it was!?!?” “Dad, STOP!” (Funny and aggrivating all at the same time!)

Final score: 12 girl votes, 9 boy… well, 10 including Ezekiel’s scribble!

Final Bets: 9 bets in the girl’s jar… only 3 for boy!

Total Cash Winnings: $36! (Congrats, Daniel & Liza Unger!)

Jeopardy music…

Jeopardy music…

Jeopardy music…

Jeopardy music…

Jeopardy music…

…and the gender is: BOY!  (Wait, I already told you that)

I had the Party Spot tape this foil balloon to the inside of the box for keepers;
the rest of the balloons flew up into the sky for ALL to see!

~ Announcing the Name ~
Cruz, after his grandfather & great grandfather! He will go by Cruz.
(Jesse is Hebrew for Gift, Cruz is Latin for The Cross, so his name essentially means, the Gift of the Cross!)

You’re traditionally suppose to have an outfit ready for both genders,
but I decided to save a little money and personalize some Onsies I already had.
I plan on dressing little Cruz in this for his newborn photo shoot!

Now my entry seems so plain without all the fun writing on the wall!

 I’m tempted to keep using my entry wall as a chalkboard to jot welcoming messages for all who walk through this door! What do you think?

Happy “Hump” Day!


For more fun GRP ideas, visit this great party blog!!!
Happy Hump Day!



5 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes

  1. As usual great blog! It was such a fun event. The reveal was awesome. You didn’t say those stinking boys won the battle of the sex’s! Love, love, love the name!!! So excited to meet him.

  2. One of the most exciting events I’ve ever attended! Brit you are so amazing! Your attention to detail is incredible! And absolutely LOVE the name! Can. Not. Wait. To see baby Cruz!❤

  3. Love it! You truly have an gift for decorating. I think the frame is a great way to have a personalized entry way 🙂

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