My Boudoir

If I could describe the icon that was Jackie O’ in just a few words,

I would say:

All that is vogue
All that is unconventional
All that is femininity
All that is entrepreneurial
All that is classy
All that is persevering

She didn’t follow the trends – she set them. Whether we’re talking about fashion or cultural/political norms, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis didn’t let scrutiny affect her desire to push beyond barriers. She could’ve gone down in history as nothing more than President JFK’s widow, but instead, this poised First Lady went out and made something of herself! In SO many ways, her life has inspired me to set higher goals and keep pursuing even the faintest of dreams. Although things don’t always work out the way we had originally hoped for, we have the opportunity to either make the best of a lesser situation and use it to our advantage, or throw our hands up and join the ever-growing pity party.

On a lighter note, she has further influenced my wardrobe and design aesthetic! I’m the dork who’s sad I won’t live to see the day her famous pink (Coco Chanel inspired) suit is finally put on public display… Why must they wait till 2103??? After she wore this attention-getting outfit, I bet almost every woman in America went searching for a similar tweed knock-off!

That’s MEEEEEE! “Blogging” on my iPad
Pink Tweed Jacket – H&M
Photo Cred – Christopher Roe Photography 

Among her many hobbies (like writing and restoring old architecture), Jackie spent valued time updating and decorating the White House while Kennedy was in office. One of the rooms she had custom decorated was, of course, the boudoir. Back in the day, a privileged woman could have many separate rooms/boudoirs that would make up her private suite; morning sitting room, dressing room, bathing room, tea/social room, art room, sewing room… the boudoir was typically a woman’s evening sitting room, courtship room, or sometimes the front room of the house where she’d entertain her guests(I’m picturing a conversation bench right now, aren’t you!?)

Courtship Bench
 Call me old-fashioned, but I sometimes joke that I was born in the wrong era, and I often dream of times more prim n’ proper! Ohhh to live just ONE day in a world of parasols, hoop skirts, corsets, fainting sofas… and going to fancy balls!

B‘s Bringin’ BOUDOIRS Back!

Traditionally speaking, the male species never lost their “gentlemen’s quarters”… sure, most of them don’t live in GRAND houses with a private library-status study, separate den, cellar, billiard room, and male cabinet…  Yet, almost all of us are familiar with the more modernized “MANCAVE”! Mancaves are ideal for the year-round sports seasons, fantasy leagues, over-the-top Superbowl traditions and pointless video games; but why did women have to lose their retreat for coffee and conversation!? This is one reason why I’m not sure how I feel about the popular “open concept”. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a good Superbowl party,  however, if the so-called “wives” are getting in trouble for trying to socialize (between the entertaining commercials, hehe), there needs to be a place to temporarily escape the spicy-buffalo-wing-breath and let our guys frantically scream at the deaf & lifeless television!!!

PS: This “place of escape” I just mentioned is NOT THE KITCHEN, ladayzzz!

~~~ My Colonial Boudoir ~~~

Today, boudoir is also the name of a fancy-shmancy style of furniture, and unfortunately, a certain “naughty” genre of photography! Let me just clarify that “My Colonial Boudoir” is not being used in this current and promiscuous context!

The layout of our colonial is perrrfect for my plans to make the formal living room into a lovely lady’s boudoir! The living room is the front room of the house (keeping with proper boudoir etiquette), and the family room/soon-to-be mancave is located at the opposite end of the house; separated by the dining room, kitchen, and closing privacy doors.

First Level Layout

My vision is to create a female-friendly sitting room that would be used primarily for socialization, relaxation, solving-life-problems-conversation, magazine reading, tea sipping, and an overall anti-testosterone type of setting! Then, back in the manly mancave, there will (eventually) be the ultimate boy-toys: 60-70″ flatscreen, top-of-the-line surround sound, PS3 system, leather furniture, cowhide rugs, minibar, game table… and whatever else the hubs deems mancave-worthy!

Here are some sketches I’ve been toying with…

my sofa is meant to be set up like this

but the plan is to set it up like this

  • To create a sitting room that invites conversation, I separated my L-shaped modular sectional and created forward-facing sofas.
  • I placed my faux velour tufted chairs on either side of the fireplace to add some needed velveteen texture, and to further enclose the “conversation circle”.
  • Because the sofas are spread so far apart, each sofa needs its own coffee table to make this design functional. I would love to do multiple tables like the sketch above, so I’m working on a D.I.Y plan that will make the lofty idea of purchasing 6 coffee tables more affordable!
  • I would love to find a round upholstered conversation bench, or ottoman, to put in the very center of the room as another seating option – just large enough that guests who lounge here could comfortably reach the coffee tables as well.
  • I went with b/w stripe walls for the look of CHANEL, and used pink as my main accent color (because pink + Chanel = SO Jackie O)! When I was in Vegas a few years back, there was a CHANEL inside one of the casinos that had b/w lateral stripes wrapping around the store perimeter… of course theirs were done in gorgeous glazed tile… but my painted ones will suffice!
  • I have always used silver, but I chose gold as my accenting metallic because boudoirs are supposed to feel ritzy!
  • It would be amazing to find a big vintage chandelier (pref. 60’s era) to suspend over the conversation bench, but at this time, there is no wiring for overhead lighting.
  • I haven’t found ANY drapes that I like… So I may have to add these to my looooooong list of D.I.Y.s 😦
  • Finally, I need a dramatic 9’x13′ area rug to pull all these individual pieces together – this will be the largest investment needed to complete the boudoir!
  • In the mean time, I’ve been filling the room with girly accents like throw pillows, candelabras and magazines… to make men feel uncomfortable 😉 

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I’m sure you all think I’m just ridiculous, but I hope I’ve inspired some of you to think of ways to create your own space if you don’t already have one! You don’t have to be an extremist like me, but I do think it’s important that everyone has their getaway… Life can get hectic and overwhelming, so it’s healthy to steal a short breather now n’ then to reboot! Whether it be your living room that has turned into something other than what it was meant to be, an unfinished basement you haven’t had the time to get around to (great mancave material), or perhaps even your bedroom (maybe not for guests, but for yourself). Wherever it may be, CREATE A SPACE, take a chill-pill, and make some time for YOU!

Night All!


Fireplace Mantle

“B” is for:
(and of course)


4 thoughts on “My Boudoir

  1. Loving the boudoir idea! I’m with Jush, I want a boudoir too!! As always enjoyed the blog. Loving you, Brenda

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