Reality Check

I went to write my Wednesday Weekly post when I realized I had temporarily lost the desire to blab about anything carnal. Although what I have to say might be kind of depressing in comparison to my normal blogging style, I’m not gonna fake it.

After hearing of the sudden death of a long-time family friend yesterday, I can’t help but notice the meaninglessness of certain things I do… Instagram, shopping, arguing with my husband over his LOADS of dirty laundry… what seemed important to me just moments beforehand, now seems futile; what problems I thought I had, now seem insignificant. I feel nothing but complete empathy for his surviving wife and family, and a sense of mortality as I reflect on the light-hearted conversation I had with him just two Sundays ago (about retirement plans and ice cream flavors). He was such a good man – so full of joy, humor, and love for people – I don’t think I ever heard ONE negative word come from his mouth throughout my entire childhood!

I’m not posting this to ruin everyone else’s day, but rather to return perspective where it may have gotten lost amidst culture’s trends. We often live like we’re invincible, giving our inanimate phones more attention than living/breathing things, and taking those closest to us for granted. Life is uncertain. Do we really need to understand this fragile reality by “learning the hard way”? Let’s look at things through this humble perspective: being thankful for what we DO have, and putting others’ needs way out in front of our own. Who cares if I’ve had to change FIVE poopy toddler diapers today? I’d change a HUNDRED n’ five if it meant I could be with my Z-boy just one more day!

In everything, give thanks” 1 Thes. 5:18a

*** *** ***

Man dies in fatal car accident:
Channel 2 news report

My heart goes out to you Holly…
You are loved more than you know and I pray that, somehow, God bears you the strength to walk through this terrible, unexpected valley of losing your 
hubby ❤

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5 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Thank you so much Britt. I shared this with Holly and your Uncle Tom this morning. They both were moved by your tender words.

  2. Jesus we pray healing for this families heart! Carry them when their grief is too much to bear. Lighten their load.
    Life is unexpected. Make the most of every moment. Thanks for the awesome reminder, Brittney. You have a gift with your words!!!!!!

  3. Yes, like you, I’ve had trouble thinking of much else today. Thank you for your thoughtful, well spoken, post.

    I love you.

  4. yes a Brittney news like that really give us a reality check.
    You posted it very well.
    And yes what a joy spending time with your little boy just one of his smiles will light up my life for days!

    Grateful Grams

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