It’s been over a year since we first listed our condo, but I’m so excited (and relieved) to announce that we OFFICIALLY closed on Friday! I’m sure the buyers were relieved as well, being that it’s been such a long and grueling process!

June 6, 2013

A Bitter-Sweet Family Moment!

The condo was only listed for 45 minutes when we had our first offer… then 4 more offers came in that day as well. With the way the market was going last year, we were surprised and delighted at the listing’s poppin’ activity! The first offer fell through, so we accepted the next best offer in line (signing papers between the ceremony and reception of my sister’s wedding), then that deal also went sour just weeks before closing. Our 3rd buyer was an investor who was paying upfront in FULL cash… which the bank OBVIOUSLY loved… and we were sure there was no going back from this one; but the HOA got involved when they learned of her plans to rent it out, and singlehandedly terminated the transaction! (All I could say was, “WOW”.) Luckily, the condo continued to have nonstop showings and multiple offers, then the fourth and final buyer came along with all their ducks in a line – and the HOA had no reason to get involved this time around (thank God)!

Goodbye first home!!! You treated us well for those six short years and served as the perfect little place for a young couple just starting their family together 🙂

Tanasbourne Place Condos


Can you believe it's been vacant for over TEN months now!?

Can you believe it’s been vacant for over TEN months now!?

Family Room and Dining

Family Room and Dining

It’s just plain sad to see it so deserted! Good thing someone is moving in to fill it with LOVE!




Guest Bathroom



Here’s to:

Past Christmases, Superbowl traditions, BBQ-ing on the back patio, walking to Whole Foods almost every night, decorating and REdecorating, homemaking, lovemaking (gasp!), coming home from hospital with baby… sentiments to remain forever in our hearts and memories!

!Cheers to Closure! (Sparkling Water for the prego lady)

Cheers to Closure!
(Evian sparkling water for the prego lady)


 Congrats to the new n’ proud owners, we hope you love it as much as we did! 


7 thoughts on “Closure

  1. I loved your style in that place! Happy memories there. As usual loved your post. Entertaining and delightful! You are amazing!!!!!!

  2. Wowza, a whole year?! How exciting for the new owners, they get to save on a personal decorator. I would be anyways….thx for the good read while I laid Nevaya down.

  3. This is so sweet!!! I loved that place…it was so beautiful! Cheers to the old memories and on to the next chapter!! 🙂

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