I bet you’re all thinking, “doesn’t she realize that ‘Wednesday Weekly’ more than implies posting every week… on a Wednesday?” It’s been 3 weeks since my last entry and although I am not excusing my absence, I do have a very good reason for it!  (Or should I say very small reason???)

We're Pregnant!

We’re Pregnant!

I have been sooooooooo sick with this pregnancy, MUCH sicker than I was with my first, which in some ways has me thinking it’s got to be a different gender; but then I realize if I were to buy into that theory I’d be believing in nothing more than a hokey wives’ tale. Either way, boy or girl, I’ve been referring to the little lime-sized miracle as “high maintenance” since the day I first suspected its existence! This baby wants to make it clear to Mama and everyone else living with me that he/she is here!

Why did I keep this wonderful news hidden for so long, you ask? I wanted to be sure everything was safe and sound before announcing it to the public, but I was unable to get a doctor’s appointment scheduled before ten weeks. I thought it would be easy to hide, but the last couple weeks I’ve had to wear very loose clothing to cover my obvious pooch! The ultrasound above revealed that I was a little further along than originally predicted so they moved my due date to November 23 – just two days after Turkey Day! Looks like I won’t be traditionally stuffing my face this year since I’ll have a baby filling any room there once was in my belly! (Who knows, maybe Thanksgiving Day will be the day this little rascal decides to enter the world!?)

At 12 weeks, my little bambino is said to be the size of a lime

At 12 weeks, my little bambino is said to be the size of a lime 🙂

Baby Bump

Baby Bump

Reporting as MIA certainly has nothing to do with a lack of inspiration or shortage of ongoing projects by any means -in fact- it’s been quite the opposite! My mind is like an endless feed of new and ambitious ideas right now…  for remodeling, blogging, DIYing… but with creativity at a high and energy at an all-time low… the results have been less than satisfactory!

Here’s a list of open projects that’ve yet to be blogged about:

Dining Room [slow progress]

Ezekiel’s Nursery [major progress]

Upstairs Bathroom Floors [trials, tragedies, progress]

Upstairs Guest Room [progress]

Front Door [frustration]

Entry Way [progress, indecision]

Family Room [improvement, excitement]

Living Room [frustration, imperfection]

Office [improvement]

Exterior Curb Appeal [major progress]

Laundry Room [improvement]

Let’s go ahead and talk about the exciting addition to the family room real quick before I sign off… it’s just too good to pass up!

Remember the big decision we had to make between purchasing a new mattress for the master and buying a sofa for the family room??? Well, now that we have our cousin (Alyssa) and brother (Austin) living with us, it became rather awkward to watch them sit on the bare subfloor every night upon returning from a hard day’s work (and this prego laday wasn’t giving up her chair for nothin!) So we ordered the Pauline sofa from Z-Gallerie while it was on sale in March, and when it finally arrived last week it was nothing short of perfection and beyond worth the wait! We are so satisfied with this purchase! Although it may look too pretty to sit on, we actually chose this sofa for its luxurious comfort and its easy-to-clean gray microfiber fabric, making it extremely functional for a high-traffic family room!

Every time I look at it I have to pinch myself – IT’S REALLY MINE?!

Z-Gallerie Pauline SofaWe had to rearrange the room a bit to accommodate its oversized build, so now the black leather chairs sit opposite the couch, facing the window (you can see their arms at the corners of ^this^ photo).

Breaking it in! (I SWEAR he's wearing a diaper!)

Breaking it in! (I SWEAR he’s wearing a diaper!

Z Gallerie Sofa

Even looks pretty when things aren't tidy :)

Thanks for being patient with me while I finish out the last few days of my first trimester! I’m hoping by Saturday my nausea and fatigue will magically disappear as I enter week 13… although by the way I’m feeling at this very moment… FAT CHANCE! This post was almost up today around 4pm, but between the internet unexpectedly shutting off and dealing with an extra cranky toddler, things got away from me yet again!

So long till next time… goodnight Friends!



10 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Loving your living room! I’m actually considering the Pauline for our family room and was wondering if it is still holding up well. I’m worried about the cushions becoming deformed due to daily use but I love the style of it! I would really appreciate a response, thanks 🙂

    • We love it! So far everything is holding up very well. We are not hard on our furniture though, and we are probably gone/busy more than some so I don’t know if that’s helped too but we definitely use it EVERY evening and it’s super comfy! I fall asleep in it quite often haha! We’ve loved the easy-clean microfiber too…. I have been able to get pizza sauce and many other spots off with just water! Hope this helps:) and thanks for reading!

  2. So exciting, congrats! You know… your fans would REALLY appreciate having some IG updates of the alleged progress you’ve made. Surely you have time to post a quick spoiler every now and then!!

  3. As always love reading your blog! And that tiny reason is such a good reason to have missed a few weeks. So in love with the baby bump already!
    I’m in love with your couch too! Amazing! Excited for you.

  4. So awesome!!! I am loving the new fabulous couch (pictures don’t do it justice)!!! So excited for Baby Strick as well 🙂 Love your posts! Can’t wait to see what else is coming soon!! ❤

  5. This one is extra sweet! You’re amazing as usual… LOVE the new sofa… Ecstatic about the new BABY!!!


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