*** Out of Order ***

Out of Service

Logic would tell you, “Don’t demo your main guest-bath until you have the proper means to finish it”, but if I were to label our approach with this remodel as a whole, “logical” wouldn’t be the descriptive word I’d use! I have said things like, “overly ambitious”, “crazy”, perhaps even “biting off more than we can chew”… and rightfully so, because these expressions provide a very accurate portrayal of how we do things around here!

The reason for our lack-of-logic is simple: you take two personalities (like mine and my hubby’s) that are borderline OCD, then throw them in an environment where everything is either broken or dirty………….. and the natural response is not going to be a calm, cool, collected one!

In our defense however, we have never been foolish or reckless! My thought is, if it’s functional we may never get around to fixing it; if it’s completely dysfunctional (aka destroyed), we force our hand and wallet to buck up and GIT’R DONE! It’s this mentality that has officially deemed our downstairs guest bathroom “Out of Order”.

So where’s the guest bath? (See Below)

Demolition Site

Main Level


Bathroom: Pre-Demo
The toilet was full of sludge that left the bowl stained #BEYONDrecovery

bathroom sink

Do I even need to mention the puke-pink tile? The sink was rusty, the hot water wasn’t working…

Light Switch

This cracked, yellowing light switch is a fair representation of EVERY switch/outlet
throughout the house!

Towel Rack

Even the towel holder is broken and incapable of fulfilling its one & only duty!

Fire Hazard

!!! Fire Hazard !!!

Light fixtures should be seen, not heard… or smelled… this lovely contraption does all three! I wish the picture made a zapping/buzzing sound and allowed you take a whiff of its HOTness! You can sort-of imagine what I’m talking about by giving some attention to that burnt brown area on the one working lightbulb!

Bathroom Demo

Removing the Flooring

At first we were just going to remove the linoleum and wallpaper… but one thing led to another! (Do you see that perma-poop-ring in the toilet? Yuck!)

Bathoom Remodel


Just a little bit of wallpaper left and we’re almost done!

Tool for removing wall paper

Wallpaper Scraper

Bathroom Remodel

Wallpaper Removal

Bathroom Remodel

Post Bathroom Remodel

DEMOLITION DAMAGE (subfloors, countertops, coffees…)

Sterling Toilet

Sterling by KOHLER

We made a trip to the ol’ home improvement store and found this pretty porcelain throne for only $93 after the mail-in-rebate! Its slim design is tall and narrow to save floor space, a much-needed upgrade for this dinky space.

(Limit 3 per household… so we bought 3!)

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Demo

Ready for Stage 2: Remodel!

Now – if I told you HOW LONG it’s been sitting in this exact condition (doors closed to isolate the smell of sewer), you would probably say we were better off leaving the bathroom in its original condition rather than jumping the gun on this one! Believe it or not, the only time I ever notice this ugly skeleton-of-a-bathroom is when I have company over and I have to direct them upstairs… then I panic and hope I didn’t just send my guests up to a kid-zone littered with wet towels and bath toys!

Like I said before, because the bathroom is now in this disastrous state, it has pushed itself to the top of our priority list, and as soon as our “project fund” has reached its necessary goal, we will start phase 2: REMODEL!

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful Wednesday!




11 thoughts on “*** Out of Order ***

  1. I’m trying to figure out how you get it all done with a toddler!! Amazing!! Can’t wait to see it all finished. I might take a hammer to my hall bathroom tomorrow….nah, I’m sure the hubby wouldn’t be so pleased with that choice..lol

  2. Oh Brittney you are such a delight!
    Yes you have bitten off quite a large chunk!
    But I know you and your determination you will getter done.
    love you so much!
    You two are amazing.

    • I suppose I get some of my energy from you! I remember you (often) saying, “there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done” as you were headed to the 4th grocery store of the day to take advantage of all your coupons!!!! Love you:)


  3. I love reading about your remodel. It makes me think about the type of homeowners that we will be and if we would jump into repairing things ourselves… I think my hubby would want to run away from some more manual things to do :)… xoXOxo, Meme

    • Oh gosh… I suppose you’re right! My hubby considers it therapeutic, but yours would probably have a different perspective, being the farmer that he is! (His hands are probably tired!) Thanks for reading Liza!


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