The First Day of Spring!

Ok, so it’s the 2nd day of spring for those of you reading – but for me – it’s 10:45 pm on Wednesday evening and I’m just now sitting down to bloggggggg… Gulp. I’ve got an hour to whip out a post that’s gonna blow your socks off and leave y’all wondering, “how can she formulate her thoughts into rational sentences at such wee hours?!” Either that or you’ll secretly wish I had just skipped writing this post and moseyed straight to bed…………. “she’s a maniac!”

Eh-hem. Anyways, I basically spent today – the first day of spring – lollygagging around. One of my ventures was shopping for a new sofa to help furnish our un-accommodatingly empty family room! Currently we have 2 chairs, an ottoman and… THAT’S IT. Jared and I don’t always notice how inconvenient this lack-of seating really is, until we have people over and EVERYONE is laying on the floor or breaking their backs on our metal folding-chairs! Sorry, Friends.

I went to Key Home Furnishings first, and this is the sofa that I ALMOST BOUGHT on impulse….

Key Home Sofa

Key Home Sofa

Marked at $600 (today only), it had a cool retro vibe to play-up our 1960’s home, and I could have ordered it in 1,000 different colors! What I liked about it most was its resemblance to the notorious Crate & Barrel “Petrie” Sofa, minus the extra $1,000 on the price tag! In the end, I walked away from it because I couldn’t shake this underlying (slightly sick) feeling of compromise… I knew I was mostly drawn to the limited-time deal, plus I was feeling TONS of unwanted pressure from the sales associate! (Which is weird because I’ve never felt that way while shopping at this store!) BTW: If you do go to Key Home, ask for Bo, she’s the BEST!

I continued on to my FAVORITE store, Z Gallerie! This store is dangerous for my modest pocketbook, but I had a good excuse to go because I was on a strict 24-hour time-period to return some fabric swatches I had picked up the day before. They were very clear about the fact that EACH free sample would suddenly cost me $25 a piece once the clock struck 8! I felt as though I was in some modern-day Cinderella story, racing against time before my “FREE” fairytale spell was broken (leaving me crying on the side of the road with 3 useless patches and a purse looking $75 lighter!) Boo-hoo-hoo-hoooooo 😥  Believe me, I would have sobbed dramatically too.

After returning the swatches and giving ALL their sofas the comfy-test… I found one that was not only satisfying to my tushy when I sat down… but it wasn’t so hard on the design-eyes either! I think I may have even drooled a little while I was laying down, basking in its luxurious abyss! (Then quickly regained my composure just before the sales associates could’ve assumed I was a legitimate “squatter“)!

When I look at this sofa… there’s no ill feeling of compromise… just pure LONGING!

Z Gallerie Sofa

Z Gallerie Sofa

^This, my lovely readers, is a reason to start pinching pennies!^ It’s EXACTLY what my family room needs to accent the black, seafoam, and metallic silver! It’s the right color, shape, style, texture… literally everything I’ve been looking for over the last 6 months! (Can you tell I’m excited?) I’ve seen it there many times before, but never really gave it any serious thought because the floor model isn’t gray, and the price tag used to be outrageous.

Jared and I have  two major purchases we need to make:

1. A new mattress (to replace Jared’s childhood pile of broken-down springs)

2. A family room sofa (Don’t believe it’s a NEED? Talk to our roomy/cousin Alyssa!)

Both are top priority, both a little pricey! Which would you pick? This financial dilemma just gives me ONE MORE REASON to get this garage sale thing up n’ running and make some ca$h to put in the piggybank! In the meantime, I’ll just go to bed and dream of silver sofas and mattresses made in heaven! Too bad my normal thrifting couldn’t come in handy on this one… I just can’t bring myself to adopt that donated/abandoned family of bedbugs!

Good night, sleep tight… Have a wonderful Thursday!

Q: If you were me, which one would YOU buy first?!? Mattress or Sofa?


15 thoughts on “The First Day of Spring!

  1. For the sake of heaven buy both at the same time and keep peace in the home. You must have a bed for sleep (Jared’s happy) you must have beauty in the family room (Brittney’s happy) being married to a designer wife I know from whence I speak. No this is not your father-in-law, … I just seem like it.

  2. I definitely think bed first! Life is stressful enough without a good nights sleep!
    I love beautiful things but I am also practical! Love your writing! You probably wouldnt be writing at that hour if you had a comfortable bed, ha ha!

  3. I would definitely say the mattress. You already have a couch in a different room, right? So at least you have one already to get you by a while. Mattresses are very important for SLEEPING (especially for a young mamma and dad, I can imagine). That’s what I think!

    • Yes we have another sofa that we brought in from the living room BUT, because it’s white, it was starting to look a little dirty… So we put it back into the formal room:( I do agree that we need a mattress though (for my headaches, and now the hubs is complaining of knee problems!) TIME TO MAKE THE INVESTMENT!


  4. Haha everyone’s comments crack me up! In all honesty I would buy the couch first, but I’m a crazy person who will sleep uncomfortably if it means the rest of my house is pretty! So, maybe you should listen to your mom because she is far wiser than I!

  5. Both!!! You know I love to spend!!! Kidding!!! Where is my 70″ TV on that priority list? You are an amazing writer!!! I am inspired by your creativity!

  6. I think the bed is somthing that will keep getting shoved below other things on the priority list if you don’t just bite the bullet and buy it. Since its something foundational to your overall health and can even zap your energy by the lack of proper support, you NEED the mattress more. That’s my 2 cents worth:)
    Love your humor! You crack me up:))
    Love you!

  7. I love the second one, that said I have totally given up on two cushion
    sofas. Having raised a big family and entertained a tremendous amount
    the three cushion sofas hold their shape much better. Love
    my new one from Macy’s and they have deals! Favor on you
    in your endeavors. TGBG! You are gifted!

  8. I think u need the bed first.
    As a salesman told me long ago You need a good bed and good shoes because if you’re not in one you’re in the other!

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