Ready to Paint the Town!

If I told you I was a hoarder would you judge me??? (How rude!) One thing that’s contributing to our ever-growing list of Spring Cleaning chores is the fact that I have a habit of hunting Craigslist, consignment shops, Salvation Army, and Goodwill, for deals on unique items that I could potentially upscale. This refurb-addiction unveiled itself a few years ago when I snagged a $400 chair for a mere $20 bucks! Now these “items of potential” are hiding throughout my entire house, along with my secret stash in the garage :/ Here are just a FEW items……….



Changing Table

Changing Table


Side Table

I guess you could say I’m overly ambitious… at least that sounds less patronizing than upscale-junkie! Comparatively speaking – my (DIY) eyes are much bigger than my (DIY) stomach! That AND my ability to keep up on certain responsibilities took a major dive POST-BABY! My “5-hour-energy” moments don’t yield quite so spectacular results nowadays – so my project-plate is full and I’m just left scrounging for time to maintain the mundane… like LAUNDRY… (puke in my mouth).

Just when I was about to be swallowed whole by this overwhelming ocean of failure, Uncle Sam came to the rescue (via the USPS!) Our timely tax return this year was the exact amount we needed to get out from underneath some financial pressures and get a running-start on our renovations. Headed to Home Depot like a couple of kids going to Disneyland, we made a few significant purchases this last Sunday, one of which is something we’ve needed since move-in day………………..


Good Ol' Mr. Graco

Good Ol’ Mr. Graco

This, singlehandedly, may be the most efficient investment we have made to date! Not only will this aid my first-world-problem of MORE FIX-IT-FURNITURE THAN I CAN HANDLE, but it will also come in handy for things like painting the moulding, fireplace(s), cabinets… the uses are endless! Knowing that we’re saving ourselves future time, labor, and material costs is like having a weight lifted from our tired shoulders. Oh sweet relief! Once I sell a couple refurbished items to make up for the cost of the sprayer, all the profits will go to support our remodel, furnishing our house, and more upscaling!

Goodbye “insufficient little spray paint cans that were never available in the right color“, I’m ready to paint the town with my new partner in crime! Of course, this also means I no longer have an excuse when Jared asks me why I have so many unfinished projects! Better get on it, B!

Now… which project do YOU think I should start with first!?


14 thoughts on “Ready to Paint the Town!

  1. You are hilarious😁and amazingly talented! So enjoyed the post! Can’t wait to see more of your finished projects.
    Love you!

  2. So are you redoing that new coffee table or leaving it as is? If I saw it in the store I’d walk right by, but seeing it in your living room actually looks really nice. See….you are helping expand my mind! lol

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