make the most of march

What is happening to my life!? Am I the only one who feels like 2013 is literally passing us by? I’m aggressively approaching my 27th birthday, (questioning whether its insignificance is even worthy of celebration), and now we’re just weeks out from welcoming in the blooming SPRING! But we all know what THAT means…….. time to hesitantly embrace the annual tradition of spring cleaning:/ Ho-hummm. On the bright side, I thought I was turning 28 this year, so I’m old enough to forget my age but feeling younger than I did yesterday!!!!

I describe my mixed feelings towards spring cleaning as “anticipated yet hated”. I look forward to getting “all organized up in here“, until I’ve put in a good half-day’s work… sigh… then I just grin n’ bear it while staying focused on the end goal. We all know it’s worth the priceless peace-of-mind and gratification that follows, so we JUST DO IT! Right?  “Just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning…” (Nemo anyone?) It’s perfectly alright if you have to stop for a quick coffee-run and self-pep talk!

This year is the first of nearly seven years together that Jared and I legitimately have major junk to purge and clutter to sort. In the past it’s been more like a deep-scrub & rub-down, (tossing maybe a few items along the way), topped off with some decor sprucing/rearranging, while Hubby stayed busy doing some manly garage tidying! (His/hers duties all the way – we’re not sexists at all!) But after the move it seems as though our belongings have ironically multiplied! Is that even possible after an upgrade? It’s shocking really. At the condo everything was craaaaazy-cramped & compact, but EVERY thing had a place & purpose because EVERY space was specifically furnished.

Now we suddenly have all these misfit things like – chandeliers (I still love) that are too long because we no longer have 10′ ceilings, our queen-size box spring that WILL NOT fit up the unforgiving “Brownstone” staircase no matter how many angles we try, a bunch of baby-business (like bouncers, infant carseat & bathtub, Moses basket, breast pump, Boppys, clothing from newborn – 12mo that may or may not be in style by the time I have my second boy)… the list goes on. Right now, most of this retired stuff is sitting upstairs reeking havoc in my hallway, spare room, and on my sanity. Womp-Wommmp.

Oh and the garage………………………………. Cue the Jaws music, please!

Cue the Jaws music, please!

Da nuh…. Da nuh… Da nuh…

(I’m having so much fun running the mouse in circles over these photos; it really captures the mood of this suspenseful theme song!)

Note: If nothing jumps up at you, this last sentence will just be awkward for the both of us :{

^ This^ my friends, is what it’s like to live theHOUSEWORKlife. How’s that for this year’s spring cleaning chores?!!!

Just kidding! I felt like being dramatic. Did I provoke your dearest sympathies for at-least a moment!? We actually took care of this first-stage-demo-damage back when we ripped the flooring and baseboards out. Since then we’ve refilled the garage with more mess, but thanks to my handy Uncle John it’s ALL gone! He dropped off a big ol’ dumpster for a few days, we loaded it up, then he hauled it off! Phew! At least that’s taken care of… I think I would be crying if this disaster was still piling out of control! All in all, these frightening photo’s = 2 heaping loads + a truck-bed’s worth, to be exact! Including some yard debris, the final weigh-in is: a whopping 8,000 lbs!


To further describe the full-force homeowner’s shock we’re experiencing… One of the (pricey) bennies that comes hand-in-hand with living the condo-lifestyle is: the HOA tends to all the landscaping and exterior maintenance, including siding issues, resurfacing the driveway, powerwashing the patios, painting, etc. Now we’re responsible for a quarter-acre lot, an old home needing continual TLC, and the daunting thought of, “WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET ALL THIS TIME AND MONEY!?” Therefore, we’re in dire need of a major clean-sweep followed by an UPSCALE YARD SALE ! Yes, I said upscale. The plan is to be all set up and ready by mid-May, and I will be sure to advertise the final date so you can swing by for REFURB deals if you’re in the area!

Speaking of time flying by… February is looooong-gone and I suppose some of you might still be wondering who won the V-Day giveaway (if you don’t already follow me on IG)! Well… let me start out by thanking those of you who participated in my very first B. Art giveaway! I was delighted to hear the positive feedback about my DIY #LOVEcanvas and now I’m more determined than ever to build my B. Art collection so I can FINALLY list them on my Etsy!

Congratulations goes to the lovely K’lyn of LoveWinsPeriod, she is the new and deserv-ed owner of my gold #LOVEcanvas and it fits oh-so-perfectly in her beauty-full home! (If I do modestly say so myself!)



 I just love gray and gold together ❤

I also asked a bonus question during my V-day giveaway: “What *MAJOR* remodel addition is evident *THROUGHOUT* the room-by-room photo gallery that has NOT been documented on this blog???”


^ The Answer: The Moulding! Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!!!! ^

I suppose many of you sat there racking your brains and searching through old posts thinking, WHAT IS IT DARN IT!?!! I tried to give y’all hints by using the **KEYwords** above, but I think it’s easy to overlook such a familiar detail, esp if you’d  forgotten that we ripped the old stuff out! So props to @whitneyroe’s good eye for catching this sneaky-sly add-on! (Whit: Enjoy drinking at Dutch Bros… Hopefully your hubs will let your preggers-self have some coffee just these FEW times, maybe!?)


Caution: Work Zone

Air Compressor

Air Compressor
Man, these things are loud!

Most importantly, a very special thanks is due: to my father-in-law, Pastor Pops, the man of many trades! Not only can he get up and preach with the best of ’em, but he can also wear a tool belt like nobody’s business! After talking to him one day and bouncing off ideas about the different types of moulding we could purchase, he caught me off guard with his passive offer to BUY us the baseboards and window casings we wanted for the ENTIRE lower level! He just threw it out there like it was no-big-deal so I thought, “wait, is he serious, or??!!!?” Before we knew it, he was making phone calls, doing what was necessary to track down the exact style I was looking for at the best price; Then once the shipment was in, he came over here, measured, cut and tacked that stuff up like it was, again, NO-BIG-DEAL!!! It has made all the difference downstairs… everything looks so finished and put-together now!

DIY Molding Installation

Thanks Pops, big bro-in-law Benji (aka Ben Tanner), Gramps, and my little bro Austin, FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!
Love all the great men in my life!

Chanel Stripes


Crowned Window & Door Casings

Crowned casings lengthen your doors/windows by adding a few inches of height and drawing your attention upwards

Up to his knees in moulding!

Up to his knees in moulding!

A simple fix like replacing your floor registers can really add unexpected flare!


From standard to stately, the higher baseboards and crowned casings have dramatically changed the personality of our home, bringing out its colonial character. I couldn’t be more content with our choice of moulding and now we just need to apply some wood-fill to the nail holes and choose a paint color. Note: you’ve just been looking at the primer. Let me tell you, it’s been such a blessing to be surrounded by close friends and family who care so much and who want to help us out. Every once in a while this whole remodel thing can feel like a giant monstrosity screaming in our face, “DIY or DIE!” It’s amazing how one act of kindness can go so far! Now our doors and windows have been generously wrapped in love;) #ahhhhh #soCHEESY.

In closing, & getting back to my original plot for this post: Join me in my undertaking to Make the Most of March! Get clean, get organized, get SIMPLE, get sane! I don’t want to do this alone! Then after you’ve achieved this noteworthy accomplishment, comment on this post with a project you’re proud of for an opportunity to have your SPRING CLEANING success shared on my blog! (Even if it’s as simple as organizing that dysfunctional junk-drawer!)  I’m of the belief that ALL clever ideas, big or small, should be shared; because who DOESN’T want to benefit from the little discoveries that can make life easier?

I bid you all well-cleaning and well-eating-of malted Robin Eggs… perhaps even cleaning while eating malted Robin Eggs… anything to cushion the grind! (I just realized that Easter is the ONE Holiday that I don’t decorate for! What does that say about me!? I need to think of something creative to express my gratitude towards my Savior’s sacrifice! Time for another DIY project maybe?)

Happy Spring Cleaning to ALL, let’s go MAKE THE MOST OF MARCH!

make the most of march


12 thoughts on “MAKE the MOST of MARCH!

  1. LOVE your blog, girlfraaannnn…. I love the idea to do a DIY project that is Easter-themed!!! Hmm, I may need to get on Pinterest for some inspiration. Let me know what you come up with! 🙂 I’m definitely with Brenda. ^^^ I can’t spring clean until I have SUNSHINE! Otherwise, how will I see all the dust that needs to be cleaned?! My spring cleaning project will probably be organizing our storage closet (full of mostly stuff from our “single days” that we need to get rid of and sort) as we *hopefully* prepare to start looking at houses to move into soon! *Fingers crossed!* Love ya!

    • Thanks E! I think I just may have come up with the perfect I idea for a DIY Easter project! I will post it as soon as it’s finished! Hint: it’s along the same lines as my LOVE canvas! I think we have had a couple days of sunshine ay? Thank GOD! I’m so excited for you and your new adventure of house-hunting:) It gets emotional at points, but it’s sooooo fun! (I will be praying for blessing on your search!) I am organizing closets as well… they can be boring… but without useful storage I SWEAR I start to go batty ;P
      Glad you enjoyed the post! Keep your thoughts uh-comin’

  2. Okay, you have me engaged from the first word you write. Although I am not into spring cleaning like the rest of you. It still feels like winter to me! I need some serious sunshine to get into the mood! Lol! Love your blogs!!!

  3. Oh Britt! You inspire me! now if only I had money to put my inspiration into action, or energy for that matter! Maybe next March?!?! Haha! I did however organize our pantry and refrigerator 2 days ago! Hows that for action! WOO HOO! 🙂 love you!

    • Organizing the pantry and fridge while prego and keeping up with a 1 year old is more work than you’d think RIGHT!? My is life different with BABIES:) I am also working with a tight budget this month… I decided I should focus more on organizing this year rather than the fun sprucing/rearranging – because that might lead to me making an unneeded trip to HOME GOODS! Although, how is one to organize without the proper storage!? Round and round we go (catch 22)! Creativity is going to be a MUST this month!

  4. Great post! Ok… guess I better get started on my spring cleaning…but first I’m going and getting some malted eggs<3<3<3 😉

  5. You are fantastically good at writing! Wow! I always hear every sound effect in my head as you write them hehe 🙂 I love being able to be apart of this process! Slowly but surely, it’s coming along beautifully!

    • That’s one of the best compliments! It’s funny because that’s what I call them… sound affects in my head… the delhima is always, “now how do I SPELL this sound if it’s technically not a word???” Thanks for being one of my biggest fans hee hee:)

      – B

  6. Love this! Your home is simply stunning!

    Spring cleaning is my favorite topic!!! I’m super cray-cray though and spring clean once a month. LOL. It’s my outlet. But the best part about spring cleaning always makes ya $!

    • You’re too kind… this is coming from someone who’s house is also amazing! I don’t know how you have the energy to deep-clean so often, AND work, AND take care of your 3 guys! I’m with you on the money-makin’ part… lets go make some $$$$$$$$$$$


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