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Paint COVERS a Multitude…

Like sunglasses, paint covers a multitude of sins… or in this case, superficial imperfections! Have you noticed how often celebrities are spotted wearing their huge designer shades when venturing the public? They know the paparazzi is EVERYWHERE and chances are, someone will sneak a photo of them someplace, somehow, when they’re not ready for it. (BLINK! I hate finding pix of myself where my eyes are at half-mast, don’t you?) Sunglasses are helpful when trying to disguise one’s obvious identity, but more importantly, they can make us appear like we’re always on top of our A-game! Who would want to stress over looking absolutely perfect EVERY time they had to leave the house for a quick errand with the fam? Not me!

I’m definitely guilty of this tricky masquerade… like every-other-day-guilty! Stumble into Ezekiel and I on a laid-back summer Monday, out on our weekly Target run, and you’re bound to find me rockin’ my pretend Louis Vuittons without a stitch of makeup on. Just don’t go using this blackmail-sensitive moment of transparency against me someday!

~ Celebs & Sunglasses ~



January 2013

Friday, Jan. 4th 2013
Here’s the adored, trend-setting Gwen, with her hot hub Gavin and their always-fitted boys.
In this pic, the celebrity couple is wearing their sunglasses INDOORS @ the London Airport.

Ok so, obviously ^that^ is not what this post is about, however my point is, I’ve discovered that a can of paint has the same dazzling effect on old rooms and worn down surfaces, even if they have yet to undergo one single bit of cosmetic work! Somehow this outdated 60’s colonial is starting to look like we’ve dumped a whole lot of money into it (((CHA-CHING))), when in actuality it’s the paint that’s forgiving the many shortcomings. So forget about all the bells and whistles and things I cannot afford just now (such as updated countertops, ebony floors, and oh, HOW ‘BOUT MORE THAN ONE FUNCTIONING BATHROOM!?) All I need to quickly spruce up this ol’ place is a gallon of Behr and a paintbrush in-hand!

PS> I like these guys much better than Purdy!

Oh, hello GORGEOUS!
(Pro Impact 2160)

PS: I like these brushes as much or better than Purdy! I know, I was surprised too… but they’re amazing when trying to cut perfect edges and for your more artistic jobs! Anybody else agree? Try them out, and let me know if you develop a similar painter’s bond!

NOW… let’s get you guys up to snuff on some of the updates around here!!!

Paint Projects Covered on Today’s Post:

1. Family Room Walls: Mint

2. Family Room & Laundry Room Floor: Slate

3. Kitchen & Nook Floor: Slate

4. Living Room Walls: B/W Stripe

5. Den: Moss

Bird's Eye view of Lower Level

color placement at a glance

Disclaimer: this is a load of info for one post, but I/we have some catching up to do!

And now for the BREAKdown………

After dislodging the onethousandth nail leftover from the tedious Linoleum removal and discovering a significant patch of dry rot along the way, we had a couple new (unwanted) projects on our hands! Before we could move forward with the plans to paint the floor, it was time to take care of some nitty-gritty prerequisites:

The first job on order was to tear out the mushy mess in the laundry room and replace it with fresh fiberboard.

Home Depot should have some sort of Frequent Shopper’s program – that’s NOT a credit card!

GLAD we discovered this BEFORE our washer/dryer found its way through the floor someday!

Then we used plaster to fill the crater where the built-in desk once stood…

Kitchen Demo

Next we filled the many, MANY, frustrating nail holes 😦

halfway there… what did we get ourselves into?

FINALLY!!! After filling the holes, we used an electric sander to smooth things out… now we’re ready for the primer!!!

Silky Smooooooth

Silky Smooooooth


It dawned on me, “before priming the floors, perhaps it would be smart to apply some color to the walls first… that way we don’t have to worry about using a drop cloth and I won’t stress out if a few drops hit the ground here n’ there…?.?.?.”

Welp… it was time to bust out the color wheel!

Hue. Tint. Tone. Shade


Now when I say, “apply some color first”, what I really mean is, let me take a week to stew over swatches and make sure I choose a hue that is JUST RIGHT! I’m soooooo picky and methodical when it comes to this process that it drives my husband to absolute frustration – but – I know he secretly loves me for it! (You should see the puckish smirk on my face right now!) 😉 Let me just say, the cocky peacock was initially his least favorite color choice for our condo, but quickly became his foremost favorite once the painting was complete with finishing touches. It just took some prior convincing to get him on board with my vision!

1. Family Room Walls: Mint

 ***I invite you to have a look into my mind’s (crazy) Color Selection Process***

I think everyone’s Color Selection Process (CSP) is a little different. I will go more in depth on this concept when I publish my up-and-coming houseworklifeTIPS page! But for today, I will just give a brief glance into what I call my CRAZY OCD CSP: Often I will start with an inspirational piece, and then try to find a swatch that matches the hue, tint, and tone of that item… but I pick the shade according to how light or dark I am wanting the room to be. I actually had a very specific idea of which direction I was going with our family room, but it took a lot of time searching, comparing, and double-triple checking to arrive at the perfect color choice! I just HAD to make sure it truly captured the essence of these favorited items from around the house………

My most-prized vintage Lux Minute Minder (snagged for $1 ata garage sale a few years back), and my Zgal candlesticks <3

My most-prized vintage Lux Minute Minder (snagged for $1 at
a garage sale a few years back), and my Zgal candlesticks ❤

My sister-in-law had no clue when giving me this nail tint that I would someday paint my WALLS with it!

~a most-worn nail tint~
My sister-in-law had no clue when giving me this polish from her Birchbox that I would end up painting my WALLS with it!
Thanks, Jusha!

NOTE: I could have brought one of these 3 items in with me to Home Depot and had them color-match it for me, but I know some friends who’ve had some less-than-identical results and needed to repaint. Therefore, I resort to the process of elimination; gathering all the samples in the green/blue family I can find, purging all but the top 5 matching candidates, then choosing a winner based on pure attraction and sometimes even the color’s clever name (don’t we all?). If you are dead-set on using a swatch fan from a specific company such as Miller or Sherwin Williams, you may never find your long-lost treasure. Keep an open mind and checkout your local home improvement store’s paint samples… even if you find your golden ticket hidden amongst the Glidden line, you can usually take it to your favorite paint makers and have them mix it for you using their superior recipe!

#major #eyecandy

^^^^^^^^ I love this yummy mint sOo much I want to eat it! ^^^^^^^^

I know this color is heavy-trending right now, but for me, this has been an ongoing love affair that first began 5 years ago, when I purchased my seafoam waterfall curtain from UO! I wasn’t going pick a different paint color simply because my entire neighborhood might already be saturated in it! Who cares?

So, let the transformation begin…

Let the transformation begin!!!


XOXO  Thanks Sister! I couldn’t have done it without you  XOXO
(Kenzi makes for one wonderful Auntie!)

All’s done and I LOVE the color, but there is one problem: CLASH!!! My preexisting dislike for the red brick and walnut bookshelves has suddenly reached  a   w h o l e.   n e w.   l e v e l.  Mixed with mint, this color combo is like fingernails on a chalkboard! Now I really can’t wait to refinish this eyesore. Eeeeek!  “Just keep your eye on the pretty prize, Brittney, it will ALL be worth it!”


2. Family Room & Laundry Room Floor: Slate

We painted the subfloor with Kilz primer/sealer to trap any stains or smells, and to prevent any further water damage since we will be living directly on its surface for a couple years.

Interior/Exterior Multi-Purpose Stain Blocker

My partner in crime, with his very own roller!

Ho Hummmmm

After priming we applied a low-lustre enamel, typically used outdoors on decks and patios. Word of the wise: Don’t do it on your hands and knees like my hubby attempted in the above picture! In this situation, a pole extension is your best companion! It makes things go 4x faster and your back will thank you later!

Porch & PatioFloor Paint

Porch & Patio
Floor Paint

There are MANY tints to choose from, along with custom colors in Behr’s Porch & Patio line. We chose slate, so we could get a good feel for what it’d be like to live with ebony stained hardwood someday.


SLATE 8300



Is it becoming obvious how BEHIND I am on my blogging?
He’s not my baby anymore! Time to have another???


Laundry Room

Laundry Room

3. Kitchen & Nook Floors: Slate



As much as I LOVE my Baby Bjorne... my body wasn't built for this!

As much as I appreciate my Baby Bjorn… my body wasn’t built for this!

Time for a 2nd coat!

Never got tired of this view :)

seeing things from my “hairy” point of view 🙂

Last minute forgotten fixes

Some last-minute forgotten-fixes


Lastly, we cut a sliver of leftover pressboard to fill a ^remaining gap^ from the desk demolition, then made a HUUUUUGE (borderline impulsive) design decision that resulted in the removal of the peninsula! Because in the end, even with the obstructing hanging cabinet gone, we both felt like we were left starving for space. Plus, as long as we kept it around we would be nowhere close to that desired galley kitchen feel. (With that said, I’m coming to terms with the fact that a true galley design is pretty much unachievable as long as the porch access is located right off the nook, but I’m fine with this if I can at least create an open-concept kitchen)

Therefore: “So long, peninsulaaaaa!”



OF COURSE ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER and now we had to reface the cabinet, as you can so obviously see above! It was a surprisingly simple project though, because we discovered the peninsula was actually two separate units after removing the countertop; one of which was the perfect size to fit between the dishwasher and patio door! The other (smaller) half, was the optimal size to install where the built-in desk used to be. Now our refrigerator will be tastefully framed in rather than inappropriately exposing itself on the left side (gasp!), and the new counter dimensions will accurately accommodate the high-traffic walkway!

So what could’ve been two budget-bending, time-consuming jobs ended up being FREE and easy! That never happens!!! <“What are you saying B???” > Speaking for myself, I wasn’t PERSONALLY involved with the scutwork per se. It IS possible that my husband (and Gramps) may have a slightly different slant on this project report. Perhaps the word I was rooting for was, uncomplicated or straightforward? Don’t be misled though… this girl can rock a mean blue-collar!

ANYWAY, all that’s left to do now is put the countertops back on… or not? I’m certainly not attached to them AT ALLLL.

Step 2

Yay for cupboards!

It's a good thing we salvaged this unit because I was able to retain 4 drawers andan undermount cutting-board

Far from finished but, it’s a good thing we salvaged this unit because I was able to retain 4 drawers and
an undermount cutting-board – which means – MORE STORAGE!

Gettin' cleaned up for primer

All sanded and gettin’ cleaned up for primer


We just need 2 coats of black and the kitchen/family room floors are completely DONE

Let’s go over to the living room for a change of scenery…

4. Formal Living Room: B/W Stripe

Creating a paint plan for this room was surprisingly a no-brainer for me. I absolutely loved the b/w stripes I painted in Ezekiel’s nursery at our condo, so I decided to put them in a room that would get a little more attention this time! The formal living is the first room you see (to your right) when you walk through our front door, so naturally I chose this room to showcase the stripes!


Martha Stewart’s Sandpiper (mixed in Behr)

I chose Martha Stewart’s ^Sandpiper^ for the white stripes because it was an identical match to my sofas, which are technically labeled “oyster” (grey); a stark white would have made my furniture appear dirty. For the black stripes, I went with my favorite black of ALL blacks… Martha Stewart’s “Silhouette”. I have painted with blacks that have too much blue, one that had too much brown… but Silhouette is true through and through!

Gallons of fun!

RANDOM: I just spotted my travel changing pad sitting with all the paint supplies… WHO KNOWS!?

My dad was sweet enough to come over and paint the whole room Sandpiper for me, so all I had to do was the Silhouette stripes. Thank you, Dad!  (Of course… I had to do all the taping which is the longest process when doing stripes… but if you’re working with wide Frog Tape it’s a LOT easier!)

Frogtape provides clean lines because its strong adhesive doesn't allow for as many air pockets which lead to bleeding. It's also stronger, which prevents stretching and helps avoid warbally lines.

FROGTAPE provides cleaner lines because its unique adhesive doesn’t allow for as many air pockets, minimizing bleeding. It’s also stronger, which helps prevent the stretching that leads to warbling lines.

You wouldn’t believe how many people questioned me during this process…
Of course it doesn’t look EVEN when the tape is up there! Plus, I ran out of my 2″ tape and had to switch to 1″ instead, which just ADDED to the confusing optical illusion! (Not to mention, I added 6 extra inches to the bottom stripe to accommodate for the coming baseboard.)

Just keep taping, just keep taping....

It got a little frustrating working with ceilings that weren’t always level, but I had to just stick to it…

Last wall!

LAST wall

Now we wait for it to COMPLETELY dry! (jeopardy music)

Now we wait for it to COMPLETELY dry!
There’s a saying that goes something like this……? 

ALL DRY and time to put Frog Tape to the ultimate test:


This is the best part of the process… I’m giddy!

Up-close & Personal

Up-close & personal… FLAWLESS.
(Thank you, Frog Tape!)

Never without my little "helper"

Of course, I didn’t do this job without my little “helper” ❤

Not to spoil the fun, but let’s head to the den…

5. Den: Moss

“OH den, den, den… how much heartache you’ve caused me!”

Choosing a color for the den was a little more irritating (to say the least) than it SHOULD have been. I wanted it to be black (<check out links), my hubby wanted it to be green and well, it is HIS office so… he won. Plain and simple. It’s no longer a SORE-sore subject though because I did eventually find a green that I could live with, and it’s since grown on me. BUT… because I no longer had spacial vision, everything became blurry and I could’ve easily stumbled down the wrong path on this one! (After all, I was going against my gut instincts in the first place!)

What I DID know: a. I didn’t want ethnic. (This is my colonial remodel, remember? Keyword there being “colonial”) b. I wanted rich, but not “old man’s snobby billiard” (my hubby may be a pastor, but he’s ONLY shy of 29!) c. I most certainly did NOT want grungy. (Who could be inspired while plumped in a dark depressing den?) But then I accidentally overcompensated and grabbed all these samples that were way too bright/shocking. (Who could collectively think while sitting in an obnoxious study?) I’m over-thinking this. On and on it went… I tried to tone down the loudness factor, only to arrive at a result too browny-bland. (How could I avoid drab/dingy without taking the room on a wild jungle safari?) I think I’m literally starting to hear tribal music…

THEN, it happened. While preparing my son’s creamed-pea lunch (of all things), I had an epiphany! “Why not go with an awesome retro green to pay tribute to the swanky 60’s era?” An olive-y moss that would be a total throwback to Mad Men, but NOTHING like the ugly puke green that (somehow) managed to weave its way into shag carpet vogue. Besides, what woman doesn’t have a thing for the fictional Don Draper? (Ahhh, to be January Jones for only a day…) So OK, back to reality, maybe this window-office isn’t nesting in a high-end ad agency located in the glamorous New York… but my hubby is still MY sexy executive and I say, it’s time to get down to BUSINESS, baby!** < the business of painting, that is.

FINALLY! 3 days and nearly 75 swatches later, a decision has been made!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered:
Custom Behr match to a color I found in the Martha Stewart Collection, AS ALWAYS.
(I love her palette!)

These pants have worn EVERY color I have ever painted with since moving into the condo – Kinda cool!

Removing the outlets, I discover the back wall used to be red, and the right wall used to be a bright mustardy yellow... huge Redskins fans were we??

Upon removing the outlets, I discover the back wall used to be red, and the right wall used to be a bold mustardy yellow… hardcore Redskins fans were we???


Tons of gouges and giant holes to fill again!
(Where would we be without our electric sander?! Still sanding, most likely!)

First Coat

First Coat

I love ^this^ #nonfilter photo so much that I’m thinking about framing it for Jared’s office! It would nostalgically hang as a rewarding reminder of all the hard labor and love (and arguing) that went into making this space HIS!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So you’ve seen the breakdown of all the paint projects, you’ve read a MILE, but you haven’t seen the GRAND REVEAL for any of these rooms! Well, what if I told you that I have a post ALL ready to go for Valentine’s Day, complete with before & afters and a surprise V-DAY GIVEAWAY!?!?!?! I know it makes this post a bit of a cruel cliffhanger, but now you REALLY won’t wanna miss my next one! Be sure to take a break from eating your fill of conversation hearts to check your IG feeds, then sneak away from your romantic interest just long enough to enter! But to tickle your fancy, ’cause I’m not that mean, here are a few sneak peaks to hold you over till the 14th ; )

Thanks a million, for being part of my colonial reMODel story!

See you here again on V-day for the giveaway

(Your sneak-peak is waiting…  just visit my Room by Room page!)