A KitchenAid UPgrade!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

What I’m about to say is so exciting and unbelievable that I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I haven’t been living in a long tease of a dream…

… a dream that begins with Jared and I talking about the old mismatched appliances in the new house and realizing that EVENTUALLY they would all need replaced. T’was a remodel to-do that ranked high on the priority list, but, since they were in working condition and roughly passed inspections, we decided on waiting until we could save up enough ca$h to buy our dream appliances: all matching stainless steel KitchenAid! (Again, it’s my issue I mentioned before with buying comparable items instead of saving up for the ones you really want).

Some things you should know about us > Jared is the primary cook in our relationship, and I’m the head baker/cleaner-upper. He enjoys making his restaurant-status dinners for me (I know, I’m super spoiled), and I’d rather just bake a mean batch of cookies (hot fresh snickerdoodles comin’ right up!) Can’t you just smell the delicious aroma??? Needless to say, he cares about the kitchen setup just as much or more than I do. He needs lots of room to make his “IronChef-messy” messes (using every pan we own), and I care about having a heavy-duty dishwasher that won’t have a breakdown if, heaven forbid, ONE of the dishes is actually dirty! I mean, isn’t that the point in HAVING a dishwasher? So that I don’t have to be one? Good grief, Charlie Brown.

So why did I choose KitchenAid? “For the Way it’s Made”, of course! In all seriousness though, after doing some research, I decided that the most sensible purchase for our family would be a mid-to-highend brand with good reviews and a solid rep. Why splurge when you can get a great product with notorious cosmetic appeal, without breaking the bank account? Plus, I’ll admit I’ve always had a little thing for this brand… while living with bottom-line appliances that started falling apart within just three years, I spent many a moment daydreaming about my “someday kitchen” outfitted in KitchenAid. There’s a reason we (citizens of humanity) drop an upwards of $300+ on their iconic stand-mixers… because we all desire quality, simple design, and something that’s not so hard on the eyes!

Hello, Perfection!

If YOU are looking for new appliances, it might be helpful to check out Good Housekeeping’s Product Reviews and subscribe to Consumer Reports, or take a look below at “The 5 best affordable luxury brands for people who still want good looking, yet functional appliances at a decent price”  -Steve Sheinkopf of Yale Appliance & Lighting

KitchenAid items on our list to save up for:

Accubake Convection Feature 30″ Wall Oven

5 Burner 36″ Gas Cooktop

**TOP RATED** French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator w/ Internal Water Dispenser

**TOP RATED** NO Pre-rinse Built-In “Superba” Dishwasher w/ Adjustable Racks and LOW Sound Decibels

To my dismay, I discovered that the price difference of a wall-oven with separate cooktop, compared to shopping for a standard range, is ridiculous! It was tempting to switch things out for a typical range to cut costs, but that would’ve involved more remodeling and downgrading one of my favorite features about our kitchen layout… p-lease, count me out!!! So after realizing this thrice-price increase, I was coming to terms with the fact that it would be quite a while before we could afford exactly what we wanted. NBD… I have patience 🙂  The most feasible approach for updating at this point was to slowly replace them, crossing each off our list one item at a time, over the course of the next few years or so. Oh well, who knows, maybe my shabby retro appliances would’ve proved themselves to be better quality than the newer lemon-models back at the condo? I wouldn’t be surprised!

But before we even had the chance to test drive the oldies, we received a phone call that left my hubby and I both stunned…

From one of the most generous couples I know, we were gifted ALL NEW APPLIANCES for our 60’s kitchen!  Sparkly, shiny, brand new, stainless steel Kitchenaid… all we had to do was pick them out! How could this be true?!?!?!?! That trip to Standard TV & Appliance was so much fun… and so liberating! While reveling in their above & beyond customer service, we had a heyday cruising around the store in search of the model #’s on our list (well, that is until Ezekiel managed to dump their house coffee all over the carpeted floors!) It was a memorable experience, to say the least!


Why yes, Mr. Dishwasher, you may clean my dishes for me!

Oh what a day! This is where I’m suppose to wake up and realize that it’s all been manufactured in the land of Make Believe… right?

Jared and I feel so touched by this act of love and generosity that there’s NO way to put into words just how thankful we truly are. Not only do we feel undeserving of such an extravagant gift, but we wish there was some way to return the favor. Every time I open the fridge for a bite, or load the dirty dishware (food-covered n’ all), I will remember them and my heart will be filled with joy! This really is a gift that will keep on giving……… and baking, and cooking, and cleaning…

To two of the most giving, loving, thoughtful people I know:

THANK YOU! You have blessed us more than you’ll ever know! Your gift couldn’t have come at a more timely point in our lives and we are MORE than happy… we are overjoyed! We love you both and our hearts are forever grateful🙂

More post- installation pics to come…

Enjoy your weekend!