Hello World!

I have finally started my FIRST blog! I know… it’s shocking! I consider myself to be a writer, but do I consider myself to be a blogger??? I suppose only time will tell! Honestly, blogging is slightly outside of my comfort zone, and I’ve always wondered how people find the time in this busy life to even read them, let alone have one! Maybe I’m just a lightweight? Or maybe my lifestyle is wayyyy out of balance! So why start now during one of the busiest seasons of my life so far? Well, after answering the same questions and retelling the same stories over and over again, I began to see the need for a place where everyone could get updates on our housing projects and see what we’re currently doing. But how conceded does that sound?! Sheesh, who am I anyway? This is partly my hangup with blogging… it’s often perceived as braggy or self-centered … “Hey have you been on my brag lately? I posted a bunch more stuff about ME… blah, blah, blah”. Not ALL blogs are like this, but some can come off this way at times. So I then decided, if I’m going to post my remodel projects for all to see, it’s going to be much more than just a place to see what Brittney did today. It’s going to be a self-help, DIY, if-I-can-do-it-so-can-you type of thing. A blog where, not only can my friends and family (and the rest of the world if they please) check-in and see how things are coming along at the Strickland home, but they can also learn how-to: do it in their own house, do it on a budget, identify with their personal style, and most of all… MAKE their house A HOME. That’s what it’s all about right? Interior design shouldn’t be about what’s popular, it should be about creating an environment where you can be YOU. Plain and simple!  With this vision, I was inspired to be sitting here writing today. I’m excited to be officially “blogging” and looking forward to having a creative outlet that’s something other than painting and hammering! So here’s to creating an up-close and personal journey through my big remodel project! I don’t know how long it will be until it’s finished… five… ten years… probably even more. It all has to do with time, money, and inspiration of course! And hopefully along the way I can help someone, somewhere, take a house and make it their home. Thank you for reading and I invite you to follow this blog if you would like to be part of this ongoing, down n’ dirty, step-by-step look into this next chapter of our lives! From old to mod, this is My Colonial ReMODel!

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